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Karaoke DJ Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Explained

Always check that a Karaoke DJ has public liability insurance (PLI) before booking with them. Booking a DJ without PLI could potentially ruin your event or prove to be very expensive.

Many venues require DJs to carry certification of their public liability insurance with them. If they do not have the required insurance cover they will not be allowed on the premises! This could prove extremely embarrassing and upsetting and ruin your event. Always check that the level of PLI cover your DJ has is sufficient for the requirements of the venue. Many larger venues require at least £5 million public liability cover nowadays, some even requiring £10 million! Is is always worth checking with the venue and your karaoke DJ that the correct level of insurance is in place and that certification will be carried by your DJ when attending your event.

If your karaoke DJ does not carry public liability insurance and they cause any damage to property or people whilst attending your event, YOU could end up being liable for the costs! If an accident happens and a subsequent claim is made then the success of that claim will partly depend on whether or not YOU had hired an adequately insured DJ.

With the above in mind, please always check that your karaoke DJ has adequate public liability insurance for your venue and carries the appropriate certification with them.

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