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Custom Karaoke Discs

Create your own professional karaoke CD

Create your own custom karaoke disc here with Selectatrack

Many people are choosing to have their own professionally produced karaoke discs created for them which contain just the songs they love to sing at karaokes.

Having your own custom karaoke disc has three distinct advantages:-

i) You don't need to spend time looking through a karaoke DJ's song books
ii) You know you will always be able to sing the songs you want on any karaoke you go to
iii) You won't be stuck wondering 'what songs do I sing again?'.

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Whilst having a karaoke CD created for you is more expensive than buying a normal music CD, it isn't expensive at all considering the extensive use you will make of it. Typically a custom karaoke disc company will create a disc for you for a cost of approximately 1.50 to 3.00 per track, usually with a minimum number of tracks required.

The process is usually very simple. Select the tracks you want, select the format you want them in, make payment and wait for your custom karaoke disc to arrive.

The most common format in use today is the CDG format. We would suggest you select this format to ensure your disc is playable on the vast majority of karaoke players in use today.

Our recommended custom karaoke disc suppliers are:-


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